Tidy Cat Breeze Litter Box System – Full Review

Tidy Cat Breeze – Tidy Cats Breeze Litterbox is actually a very innovative method on litter boxes since its exclusive layout divides fluid from solid waste to control scent and make the cat litter box maintenance an easy task.

Tidy Wind litter method uses a special kitten pellets which are 99.9% dust-free and anti-tracking. These litter pellets allow the cat’s urine to pass through to be consumed by the mat located on the box’s underside.

Solid waste remains on the litter pellets for cleanup that is easy, on the top of the machine.

With this cat litter box you don’t must deal with sections smelling the robust cat urine smell or getting caught around the box’s attributes.


•Kit contains: 1 cat litter box , 1 information, 1 case of pellets and 4 pads
•Litter pellet 99.9% dust-free and anti -tracking
•Separate compartments for water wastes
•Quick and easy removal of wastes
•It efficiently controls urine odor
•Dimensions: 20.3″L x 15.2″W x 11.8″H


You fill the pellets outrageous section (the litter place) and after that you place a station about the base dish. After it is used by your kitten, the urine can go through the main podium in to the station that’ll absorb it and the feces will be within the litter pellets, on the top of the machine.

This reliable separation of liquid from solid will keep you from smelling the strong urine ammonia scent, typical in litterboxes.

Using the Neat Breeze system you don’t need to scoop out litter, you simply must scoop the waste since there is not caught sections engaged, from your litter pellet location daily which is quite simple, merely remove the waste from your top. These litter pellets are made from zeolite and silica gel; the silica gel implies that these pellets don’t produce even a mess like other cat litters or any dirt. They’re likewise 100% secure on your pet too.

To wash the underside, basically take out the station dish after a week or so and you also are accomplished. the mat in other words them in a bag and also to remove the feces and pitch it inside the junk.


•If your cat urinates while in the same destinations everytime, it’s recommended to rotate the mat on day so or 3.
•Try to put the system on a hard-surface in place of carpet.
•If you intend to cut costs on litter pellets, you recycle them and can rinse them. A superb tip to wash the pellets it is adding them to-go in the washer as well as the dryer.
•When putting the litter pellets inside the litter box, try to keep a lot of them inside the heart of the box.
•Even though these pellets are protected on your pet, should you don’t want your furry friend to eat a few of the pellets, before purchasing the whole system by simply putting pellets facing it to see its effect test your cat.


•Easy setup and to put together
•Innovative pellets – for easy scooping since the cat’s urine is not involved and you can find not clumps caught about the sides of the litterbox litter.
Productive and •Innovative process that handle urine odor
•Pads last several days (up-to 1 week with one kitten)
•Easy to remove cat urine patches
•Almost no tracking pellets
Stylish design
•Easy for cleaning to disassemble


•You must buy pellets and pads to keep up the device.
•Cats need to follow the pellets instead standard litter.
•As cats cannot look to the pellets feces are exposed although usually the scent is somehow grabbed by the pellets after some units. Before that to occur, you’re able to smell the feces.
•Noisy in case your pet can be a digger that is stubborn
•It does not possess a lid to complement the machine.
•Size of cat litter is quite small.


Tidy Cats Wind Litter Box Technique is a great process that works as advertised. Its primary accomplishment lowering the scooping, making this task much more easy and will be to manage the pet urine scent. There is only a little stench as cats can’t include and search the feces involved, but the special pellets seem to include the smell after some units.

√ I would recommend the Tidy Cats Breeze litter-box since it is definitely an efficient method to regulate urine odor in your house. I recommend setting the Tidy Cats Wind Litterbox within laundry area, the toilet or storage. This product is very ideal for:

•To be utilized by a small-sized pet (up-to 10 lbs.) who does not get the kitten that much when using the field.
•If you are allergic to regular cat kitten.
•If your cat urinates a lot, •Good choice.

XI totally don`t propose the Tidy Breeze Kitty Litter Box:

•If your pet has abdomen issues (diarrhea) or its feces are soft
•If you have your dog in touch with the kitty litter box.
•If you don’t desire to get the kitten litterbox process to be maintained by items.

In case you love the notion of this litter-box you can join and conserve in Amazon on patches and pellets.

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