We Got Our New Puppy From Colorado Canine Rescue

Colorado Canine Rescue – We ultimately identified a puppy! His name is Stubbs and we believe he is a corgidor. What is a Corgidor you ask? There is just a Corgidor a cross between a corgi plus a labrador retriever. Stubbs is really a small dark pet that appears like amini lab.

We got him from Co Canine Rescue. I heard they had only acquired a kitten of puppies from anywhere. They’d obtained 3 puppies from a man, Mindy, Stubbs, 2 girls plus the housing. Molly is a spaniel hunting corgi mutt. She’s extremely energetic and curious.

Stubbs and Mindy look alot alike. Short, kind and black of stubby. Mindy simply has a regular research hunting trail. She is a bit more timid than Stubbs. Stubbs is pretty courageous.

We really are not sure if he’s planning to be large but if has fairly large paws. The dogs all seem balanced and intelligent. Amy, the foster mommy, needed the vet them and they got a visit. The vet said that they’re ready and balanced to locate a home.

The pet ownership costs are $225 then you’ve to put down $50 pounds whilst the neuter deposit. If they are neutered / spayed you get the bucks back.

I forgot it is to truly have a dog, like expecting, it’s. He is into everything! He’s carrying me out, but he seems to be altering little by little. I did so have to pet proof the fence a little more since he identified some disadvantages while in the fence that I’ve, but I believe if you’re buying puppy, we have that Anyway Colorado Canine Rescue is a source that is great.

Please visit their website at http://coloradocaninerescue.org

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